First, since this carnival is self-initiated, I urge you to consider calling a future edition. When the time is right, and you will know that it is, you will call forward Radical Fun. And then you will have posts about eggs and quarks. At least, that's what my feed reader tells me.

Stop back over the day weekend, and as people add their posts, I'll be collecting them here.

For the love of whatever gets you out of bed in the morning, blog it here.

-sly civilian

This is odd. It's Radical Fun Day 2.0, and I don't have a piece written. I'd finished one a while back, but it just doesn't feel fun anymore. So now I'm a little stuck. Quick, before class, come up with something fun. Something that doesn't just have to do with the goddamn Man. In truth, I’d prefer doing anything right now and play All Slots Casino for blackberry or run a marathon, clean my apartment – than mining my creativity for something to post. It’s no fun trying to write fun when don’t feel fun. But, I remind myself of the task at hand, take a seat at the keyboard, and focus. The point of this exercise is quite important after all. It is to release us from the constant engagement with the way things are, and to give a push and pull at the horizon of our imagination.

No pressure, of course.

So losing one piece on ice, I shall steal another. This is probably one of the odder things I've ever written. It is on beat up legal paper, with several different shades of cheap blue and purple pens. It' is folded over several times, and is interspersed with another piece. Lines of academicese on Dante and the semantic structure of torture give way to romantic poetry.

This is a very belated travel blog, a snap shot of being in Paris.

I walked Paris last night. Miles from Gare Monteparnasse to the Tour Eiffel, to the Arc de Triooopmh (as it is called in the vernacular of our day), Louvre, Toullieries, and finally back to Notre Dame.

The air was cold, but not all consumingly so and I just kept on walking, all my gear with me. I had one ear open to the street, for oncoming cars, for vendors, for anything new. The other was being dedicated to country gospel and the House of Mercy Band took the stage.

It was cold and I was having my dinner of wheat bread, chasing after it now and again with the brandy, and it was beautiful to me, and so it went all the way to my fingers and kept them warm.

It was cold and the fading light of the sky did nothing to conceal me as a tourist and a watcher, but i crept anyways as if it might make a difference, and I guess I couldn't be found. Not a single soul who knew my Christian name could have called out to me then. So I stayed high above it, because the river was rising and swirling over the paths below.

It was cold, and I was awake, alive, loving every minute, every hour the lights of the tower would flash and sparkle. My camera flashed, but when I really wanted to remember something, I just stared.

It was cold, and I thought about Athens, the future, Yale, and everything and nothing. My thoughts swirled in the brandy, biting my throat, just a little and made me silence it all.

Now warm again, paying tourist prices for espresso, and one last last final until it happens again dance with Notre Dame. That beautiful place that tells me that it is not over, and my jaw can still drop and not to talk but just to stare. It is lit for night, and the gargoyles scream, but then again there is Paul and I think I know him. I wish the doors were open, but I content myself to eat the last of my bread.

I hardly slept.

Resting now, calm morning, still thinking of bread and brandy, solitary communion, peace and love.

Yours in the fun,

Sly Civilian

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Yours in the fun,

Sly Civilian

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Just to note that Radical Fun 2.0 is happening this Friday. As in, two days from now.

I'm picking classes, with all the attendant joys thereof. Whoever designed Yale's system is a jerk.


The following is a largely unedited rant, which may or may not make any damn sense.

I realize that I have been struggling to conform my observations with my desire for a just world. Sitting in the vaguely clinical office of my analyst, I recall saying that I did not want to live in a world where such things could happen.

This can be parsed two ways. The first is denial. The other is suicide.

I did not make this world. And I did not ask for it to be this way. And yet it is. Flawed. Troubled. Fucked.

I keep asking what comes next. One of my friends asked why I kept putting provebial bandaids on a deep wound.

I tend to think that I am less of a doctor than I am an artist. So what if my chosen medium is band-aid sculpture? I never claimed to be able to a surgeon. And when none are around, is it so bad to just get creative?

I am coming to see my own inadequacy as a neutral reality. There are the delusions of grandeur, when I see myself on the big screen…valiantly giving my last breath in the name of all things good. And there is the seduction of powerlessness, when at last, "at His feet, they lay their golden crowns." Revelations, as sung by Johnny Cash has carried me in times of trouble with a vision of a world that I cannot possibly harm.

What would be so terrible if I did make a mistake? If the world is going to hell in a handbasket, why not fight? When you have the chance to truely will something better, why be content with mere speculation?

My growing apocalypticism has not left me resigned. The reality of a troubled world and a rapidly foreclosing future gives all the more reason to fail, and to fail beautifully. My hope is a brutal one, intolerant of optimism that exceeds determination, fatalism that outstrips the need to rest. But I insist that it must be one that believes in wonder and awe.

-sly civilian

I'm still alive. Still writing, too.

I'd love to post something, but my brain is seven and a half shades of fried right now.



I'm still stuck in paper writing mode, and so i don't think i ought to be writing here. Which is in some ways unfortunate, since the whole Ashley Treatment thing needs a good whack. It's flat out disturbing to see this actually escalate to a fight. That would usually imply that both sides have a defensible position.

A child is not a bonzai tree.

The disabled are not prunable for the purpose of making them easier to deal with. We know where that one ends.

But instead of actually writing something of substance, I'm listening to a bunch of mopey ass music, and trying to write this paper.


Yes, it's that time again. Sly is back, and better than ever. I'll spare y'all the details, but Sly has had a rough time of it for the last couple weeks. And I don't think I'm alone in that. So it's high time to kick back, take a moment for rest, hold off on the blood, sweat and tears…and as my Patron Saint of Dorkdom said, hold fast to what is good.

Therefore, be it resolved that January 19th, befittingly a Friday shall be Radical Fun Day.

Posts are welcomed for submission on any and all topics as they relate to joy, laughter, smiles, dancing, sunshine, food, sex, art, family, beer, travel, home, love, and most of all, fun.

As in many things, I owe a deep debt to brownfemipower, my totally top secret haven't told a soul blog crush.

Let love be genuine,


I do not think it means what you think it means.

I'm still trying to polish off a paper here and catch my breath, but I can't resist some good asshattery.

"Violence has always been with us. It's been with us since Cain slew Abel. But we've always recognized violence as a vice and not as a virtue."

That's Jack Thompson, professional idiot, spouting off about video game violence.

Virtu. That wouldn't be the latin for the height of Roman manliness, would it? And that wouldn't have anything to do with violence. Especially not violence as entertainment.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


"Is your mother a whore?"

What? I'm not saying she's a whore. I'm just wondering out loud if she is a whore. All I'm saying is that reasonable people who have banged your mother for money can disagree.

-Jon Stewart, The Daily Show.

Y'all have caught me in a very bad mood. I'm taking a couple days.


The word, of course, being "queer."

I've been getting this reaction, or some variation thereof, when discussing idenity politics with folks at Yale. And my response so far has been to try to explain the politics of reclaimation in gltbq communities, and how they might differ from the use of say, racialized language (Hi, Kramer!). I get a little frustrated that there's still this weird aura around discussion of queer issues, the one that loves to talk about mawwidge equality and how terrible those bigots are, but gets squeamish if the discussion turns to broader topics. I don't just mean "sex" and i'm a big beleiver that intrusive discussions of sex are not cool. But talking about the other intersections of queerness with political and social life often gives the hint that some of us aren't in it for the Het Norm, and may not think that state sanction is the be all end all. So what about these identities that don't map back onto heterized Alisa and Eve or Adam and Steve?*

If you have a problem using the language that I have chosen to use to describe myself, I have a request. Do not erase that choice by using language that I reject. Do not compromise your own conscience.

Repeat after me.

"Name, who self-identifies as queer, whatever you were planning on saying that I hope are nice things that intelligently reflect upon the nature of queer idenity…"**

This places the contest of language back into queer communities, and absolves the speaker of anything beyond the courtesy of describing a person as they have sought to be described. It's up to us to create Queerdom, since it's a lovely and fictitious place anyhow. The only real grievance I have here can't be with the fact that some folks don't like saying the word queer. It's a word with plenty of ugly history to it, so I have been deliberate about choosing it despite that. I still twitch at "fag," and I know plenty of good folks who use that. So the problem came down to feeling like some people were, because of issues of language with varying causes, were simply bypassing the whole deal. It's their prerogative to determine their relationship with queerdom, the language thereof, and how they fit into the wider picture of how values, cultures and politics get expressed through sexual and gender idenity.

As long as they are calling people by the names that they have chosen.


* Heterize - Verb. To apply "traditional" standards and mores to queer cultures, and make them "just like us." Also, the conflation of middle class white values with the "real" nature of homosexuality that emerges as repression recedes. Example: The Party Boy and Butch Dyke are both stereotypes that scare Het Folks into giving queer people rights in the hope that they will heterize themselves.

** This generally doesn't work for personal pronouns. Verbally marking them off tends to be the linguistic version of airquotes in that situation. Reserve this for language that you have a problem with as a whole, not just applying to an individual.

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